About Us

To vaunt means to boast about or praise (something), especially excessively. With the millions of things to vaunt about in pop culture, entertainment, beauty, fashion, technology and life in general, it was impossible not to create Vauntist. Start reading up on things that make you happy inside. A TV show from your childhood. Your favorite singer or rapper coming out with a new hit. A makeup brand releasing the foundation that you needed in your life. Getting the scoop on the latest fashion and beauty trends here first.

Vauntist is taking digital media to a whole new level. We’re writing about the content, the entertainment, and the culture that you want to read and share with your followers. Vauntist pledges to be an upfront and honest media chain that has your back when it comes to delivering the latest of the greatest. TV shows & movies (new and classic), video games, internet content, makeup, skin care, nail art, celebrity fashion, street style, beauty DIY & hacks, trends, new phone, tablet & computer releases, managing money, saving money, making money, recipes, fast food reviews & releases, shall I go on? You just got a taste of what Vauntist is about to become.